Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Podcast: Episode 5/God listens back

I checked! The audio is the audio I intend, not some random track. The advice from Karl Rahner, SJ — to have the courage to be alone in the silence, waiting on God — is taken from a reflection which appeared in Die Presse on 22 December 1962 (I was 4).

The rest of the reflection is well worth reading if you can find it - I dug it out of Everyday Faith, under the title The Answer of Silence.

The photo is from a walk earlier today, a walk prompted by this advice to stand alone, in silence and wait. There is no one within a half mile of me. It was cold beyond measure, it took courage to just go out there, but I stood and waited. I listened. And God listened back.

Listen here.


  1. I like this, "but I stood and waited. I listened. And God listened back" Love the photo, too, although it makes me a little cold whenever I look at it! Very different from a Florida winter...

  2. Thanks! And it was about 4 F with the wind chill when I took that photo, so it should be a little cold!!!