Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seeking poetic inspiration

A friend has been set a task by her pastor: to find and read an appropriate poem at their Christmas Eve service. She describes her congregation thus: "What you need to know about my church is that it is a pretty conservative group, and tends towards literal Biblical interpretation (i.e. poems that would make a group of English PhDs excited by their mysterious metaphors would probably not be what I need)."

I had a couple of ideas for her, but we both wondered what readers of this blog might suggest. So should you be inspired to share some marvelously appropriate piece of poetry my friend could use, or even one that we'd all enjoy for its mysterious metaphors, leave a comment, do!


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  2. Here's a whole slew of them.

  3. Robin,

    You're awesome! There's a treasure trove there....

  4. I'd also suggest the book "Cry Like a Bell" of Madeleine L'enge's poetry with Advent/Christmas themes.