Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Venturing Into the Silent Land: Gold is tested in fire

My last post in the silent conversation that Robin and I have been having on Into The Silent Land by Martin Laird OSA is up at Robin's blog. She has a wonderful illustration of Amma Syncletica on the post. Syncletica was a desert mother of the same period as Evagrius (image at left, who I've been reading and blogging about off and on for the last month or so). Syncletica is one of my favorites desert eremites, mostly for her advice for troublesome things: pray the Psalms!

Distractions: For gold is tested in fire

...Laird (and the rest of the advisors in my library) are clear: It's not a matter of whether there will distractions in prayer -- there will be; it's how you meet them. Will you let them put you off prayer, or will you and the clamoring hordes instead deal with each other?...

Read the whole thing at Metanoia

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