Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can you microwave duct tape?

Math Man, "Can you microwave duct tape?"

Me, "I have no idea." And I'm certain I don't want to know why he wants to know.

Math Man, "Crash? Can you microwave duct tape?"

Crash, who is production stage manager for the high school this year, is intimately familiar with the properties of duct tape. Even he was not certain.

As to why? I bought one of the enormous cold packs like they have at the physical therapists to ice my (still) aching knees. They aren't meant to go in the microwave, but Math Man didn't know that. He wanted a hot pack for his sore back, threw it in the microwave and managed to burn a couple of holes in it. Which he proceeded to duct tape and then put the pack back in the microwave?!

I've ordered a new cold pack. And one just for Math Man that will heat (safely) in the microwave.

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  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Sore everything! Alack.

    But I share what may have been another underlying sentiment besides alleviation of a sore back: one just has to find out what happens!

    Does duct tape shrivel and smell burnt when it is microwaved? I'm sure certain siblings of mine would want to discover an affirmative answer to this question. Perhaps it is too much to hope for smoke.