Monday, March 07, 2011

Podcasting Lent: Scrabble as a Lenten discipline

Scrabble remains a good discipline for me — particularly now when I'm being creamed in a game by Barnacle Boy. (Who wonders, "Are you letting me win?" For the record, absolutely not.) Humility is yet one more thing the game brings me to confront, not just once, but again and again.

What are you giving up or taking on for Lent?


  1. Very Ignatian--and such a treat to hear your voice!

    I started praying about this yesterday and am still discerning some of it (and would greatly appreciate prayers in support of that discernment). I will definitely, with God's help, pray for my enemies and explore where God is inviting me to forgiveness. The ones I am drawn to but checking to see if they are from the Holy Spirit at this time are 1) attending or celebrating mass daily, which I haven't done in a long time and 2) getting trained with the Ohio Benefits Bank and taking on a manageable amount of service in that regard.

    And if your charity extends, could you please pray specially for my dear seminarian P. this week? She is feeling overwhelmed with the combo of take-home midterms=papers, a rather cruelly closed writing center, and the part time new office job necessary for financial survival. Mille grazie!

  2. Michelle,

    How wonderful! May I take it and embed it as a post on People for Others?


  3. Paul,

    I'd be honored! Thanks for asking...


  4. Laura,

    Prayers - absolutely!


  5. Oh I love Michelle’s work, but given my crazy life of late, I have not been to her blog very often. Thanks for cooperating with grace by putting it right here where it could not be missed!

    So thought provoking, as Lynda said, so wonderful.

    Here is the comment that I left at PFO...

    Michelle culls the mystical out of the ordinary and I find her words to be always deep, wise and with the power to transform.

    P.S. As for getting 7 consonants and finding the gift in that… well I for one, as someone who got dealt 6 consonants, plus a y which is kind of a pseudo-vowel – I found a gift in that. My last name is Scrabble gold!

    (I am at work so not showing up in my typical Blogger ID!)

  6. Fran, you are proof that grace can be found in seven consonants!