Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Passing notes

Last Thursday I moderated a panel discussion on getting your scientific work into print for the American Chemical Society. About 1000 people registered for the hour long event. And I did it from the little cafe table in the sunroom on the back of the house. No need to get packed, on a plane or wear pantyhose. I like this tech.

While I'm engaged in this high tech communication, headset on, I realised I'd left my notes for the presentation in the printer. Crash Kid is sprawled in front of the computer on the far side of the room. I can't get his attention (he's got on headphones) and he doesn't have anything with chat capabilities open. I finally resorted to a low tech communication tool - I made a paper airplane with a note in it and flew it across the room.

I want to tell Sr. Jane that I've finally found a use for paper airplanes and notes passed during class. As Crash would say, it's a mad skill.


  1. Great story! Thanks for the smile.

  2. Haha!!! I could see this happening in my house...