Saturday, October 15, 2011


Jet lag. I crossed too many meridians. My clock and the wall clock have become desynchronized, and I'm waiting for one to catch up to the other.

I keep visualizing two circadian rhythms chasing each other, until they finally fall into phase which each other, which reminded me of the biorhythm craze in my high school days. I computed my biorhythms for today, which certainly well describe my physical sense (toast, totally toast). I suppose I could be at an intellectual peak, if I only I could rouse myself from the sofa to do something with all that cognitive potential! Instead, I think I'll do laundry...


  1. As a younger person, I traveled a lot; my two trips to Asia were taken before I was 40. I never suffered much from jet lag; I'm not sure what would become of me today. Prayers for your rhythms as they move and finally meet, prayers for you always!

  2. I hope your rhythms are synchronizing now!

  3. Thanks, Fran and Cindy! I'm still off center, but day and night are no longer muddled, Deo gratias....