Thursday, October 27, 2011

Signs from God: End Blasting Zone

It's been a crazy week. At times it's felt like I'm living in the midst of an improv show (drama, not comedy) or as if one of those flash mob companies is staging something in my office (though no one has yet broken into song). As I drove up the turnpike last night to see Patient Spiritual Director, I passed a sign that said, "End Blasting Zone." Is this a sign from the Holy Spirit, I wondered? Is it possible that the fireworks will end?

One can only hope. And I can say that there were no outbursts of craziness in the silence. Unless you count the werewolf mask my confessor lent me....


  1. Oh, so rich, so rich - road signs and masks, the invitation to be who we are. Amidst the madness of course!

  2. In the Ignatian spirituality group I attend (guess what the parish I attend which happens to be Jesuit has to offer?) we spoke of "radical honesty" and taking off our masks. I've been thinking of masks, and you've reminded me that Halloween is all about this!

    Speaking of flash mobs and song, I'm sure slipping the tip to the right frosh would generate something around February.

  3. I've gotten, and given, some creative penances in my day, but none that involved a werewolf mask! :-) Will have to keep it in mind...

  4. I love this time of year. I'm the principal of an elementary school. On Monday, I will spend the day as Little Bo Peep...literally and figuratively. God's plan ifor my life is filled with humor and grace!

  5. I should be clear that the mask was not part of the sacrament - penance or otherwise!

    But was definitely part of the graced humor flying around...