Monday, March 26, 2012

Disney Princess - not

I missed (or was spared, depending on your point of view) the Disney Princess stage — neither Crash nor The Boy were much into pink or tulle. One of the things I've been doing on this leave is playing with new software. I've wanted to learn to animate for a while, but the tools (outside of Mathematica) had a long and steep learning curve. Enter my iPad and a great app for making quick and dirty animations. I watched 3 videos, less than two minutes each, and in less than an hour put together a very rough animation of a Möbius strip for my talk on Wednesday at local Jesuit University. Disney has nothing to worry about, but at least now that I know what I'm doing, I should be fast enough to do things on the fly for class — or the blog.


  1. I had three little princesses and actually that was a fun stage. Especially when they added in extra attributes like knowing the most spaces in the Fibonacci series, or who was the best basketball player.

    The princess stage made more sense to me than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle thingie my sister was going through. :)

    How about some links for those videos with the shorter learning curves? :)

  2. Here you go, Cindy! Clear evidence that I'll not be competing with Disney any time soon. I need to clean up the last bit this morning and then tuck it into my presentation....

  3. I'm voting for SPARED. My daughter, at 16, is too old for the full-on Princess fad that came later than her preschool years, but we had a lot of Ariel going on, if I recall. Her real favorite, though, was "Land Before Time."