Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Via Crucis VI: Become what you seek.

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. Hands reach out, seeking the face of God, holding it tenderly within hand and heart. Become what you seek.

St. Augustine on the Eucharist: "You are saying "Amen" to what you are: your response is a personal signature, affirming your faith. When you hear "The body of Christ", you reply "Amen." Be a member of Christ's body, then, so that your "Amen" may ring true! ... Be what you see; receive what you are."

What am I reaching for outside of Mass? Does it ring true with what I reach for at the Eucharistic liturgy?

Become what you receive.

A study for the sixth station of the cross by Henri Matisse for the Chapel of the Rosary.

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  1. Yes, Be what you receive, 100% love. And never hold on to it, but let it flow through you out to others, back to God, and so, back to you again. Never Static, Always Dynamic!