Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crash Kid crashes

My oldest, known on the blog as Crash Kid, or more recently as just Crash, earned his blog name in an incident seven years ago where he collided (on his bike) with my Mini Cooper and broke the tail light, but somehow not his collarbone.  (All that milk he drank.)

Last night, as I sprawled on a bed in my hotel in Roanoke, trying to get the notes for my slides to show up on the screen of my iPad in a type size I could read (I was ultimately unsuccessful, but that is an entirely other story), my phone buzzed with a text message.  It was Crash, who had crashed in the Cooper.

Once my first worries had been assuaged, i.e. everyone was fine, I wanted to know the damages.  A dent in the back bumper and...a cracked tail light.  The other one this time.

The real irony in this story is that the collision occurred at 1 minute past 11, the driving curfew for those with junior licenses in Pennsylvania.  Since Crash turned 18 yesterday, and now has a senior license, this was the very first moment he was legal to drive past curfew.

I was starting to wonder if Crash needed a new blog name, now that he's about to go off to college (Georgetown!).  Somehow, I think Crash still suits.


  1. I recall a friend's daughter driving into an outhouse at a metropark. The office shook his head and said, "You've had this license what, five minutes?"

    Glad he's ok.

  2. I'm glad that he's OK! And there is a certain symmetry to the tail lights now...

  3. I am glad he is OK too. BTW, I have crashed my van twice in the past few years - always with my oldest in the front passenger seat. I nicknamed him "Crash Buddy."

  4. An outhouse?? That sounds messy!

    And I do appreciate the symmetry, I have to admit.

    Allison, I hope you and Crash Buddy don't make it three times!