Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Ignatian Life: Punctuated Time

I'm off on retreat, but have left a few things behind to appear while I'm gone. On the plane flight out here, I wrote a reflection for This Ignatian Life about what I'm seeking on this retreat, musing about punctuation and the desert fathers.

"The discernment in front of me is a subtle one. I’m certainly not discerning a vocation to the Carthusians or Trappists. I’m married, a teacher, a mother of two teen-agers (though the last might be reason enough to seek solitude and silence on occasion). It’s more on the order of deciding to use one or two spaces after a period in a sentence, than it is about whether to write at all."

What might shift in my life if I decided to leave more space in it? Read the whole thing here.

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