Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Webbed identities

I was chatting with someone at some event this last week (Crash graduated from high school yesterday, so there have been many events in the last week, where I have spoken with more someones than I can sort out — so if this was you, please accept my apologies now!) who discovered that I wrote about both science and spirituality, and assumed that I commingled the two. "Only rarely do I mix my genres," I assured her (?). From the expression on his (?) face, I'm not sure whether the thought that I wrote about them together or apart made my conversational partner's brain hurt more.

To be honest, I'm not sure which makes my brain hurt more. For various reasons, I've recently needed to create both a resume and a website for my writing — all of it. Creating a map of my writing left me wondering what a map of my brain would look like....could you color code it by scientist versus contemplative?

Illustration is from Wikimedia.

For an interesting peek by scientists into the minds of Carmelite mystics, read this paper. The thought that I could be both investigator and investigated in a study like this absolutely makes my brain hurt.

The website for my writing is here - I'm offering chocolate for any typos or broken links!

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  1. Julianne3:00 PM

    The only time I ventured over to your science blog it seemed quite spiritual to me. It was on beautiful molecules.

    I never really 'got' chemistry at school. We had a rather mouse-like teacher who seemed to hide in the chemical cupboard for a lot of the time. However, since my eldest has been at secondary school, trying to help her has shown me that chemistry has a kind of magic about it.