Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Cat Came Back

...the very next day. "

Or so went the song by Raffi that we listened to for hours on end while driving cross-country with Crash and the Boy in their (and our) younger days. And so it went with Fluffy. The cat came back, the day after we came home.

We got home around 8 Thursday night to find an anxious note from our cat care person, still no sign of the Fluff, her food and water had gone untouched for 3 days. We called for her, opened doors and began peering under beds. No sign, until The Boy called from my office, "I think I know what happened." She had pried open one of the side panels to the air conditioner I had finally put in my office under the eaves and made her escape onto the roof.

Still, where was she that she didn't hear me call for her outside? No cat that night. Or the next morning. Finally, Friday afternoon I called again for her. The Boy heard her meow, as Math Man called, "She's at the [upstairs] bathroom window!" The Boy hugged her, then turned to me, "I'll always text you so you know where I am!" He's had a small taste of parental worry these last few days and he didn't care for it.

Four days on the lam, I can only imagine the adventures she had. Where does she go? Does she have another family? Where does she sleep? Though maybe the researchers at the University of Georgia have the answers: this piece on the secret life of cats ran on NPR yesterday! You can see the world through a cat's eye here.

The photo is of the screen, as Fluffy used the track pad and arrow keys to pull down the menu, open a tab and tried to tell her own story!


  1. I'm so glad that she's home!

  2. I loved the photo you posted of Fluffy draped on your lap. As someone said, "The prodigal cat."

  3. Word on the street is that the local wildlife is happy to hear Fluffy is safe inside