Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Irritable pandas

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I've got a bunch of upcoming writing deadlines flying at me (hence the dearth of posting here).  Is this why I've been dreaming of the neighborhood hawk stooping through the oak in the front yard and carrying me off?

I've put a sign on my door noting that I'm writing, sent out a Tweet looking for some inspiration from the vast sea of chemists who Tweet (what's your favorite eponymous reaction or scientific unit?  Mine is the hartree...), opened the windows so I can hear the rain fall, made a pot of tea, and posted the peevish pandas just inside the door.  I'm not sure if their job is to keep visitors out or me in...

Bumper sticker by OnePlusYou


  1. Oh Michelle, your mind is so much more advanced than mine - I looked at the hartree!!! I can relate to the open windows and the pot of tea but not the hartree. May the winds of inspiration blow in through the open windows.

    1. So far, so good on the inspiration front! And the hartree is such an arcane unit, most chemists would not know of it's existence. I, on the other hand, have the conversion memorized between hartrees and kilocalories. There is likely some better use for the neurons I've so clogged up!

  2. I'm kind of partial to the kayser myself.