Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Ignatian Adventure: Peripatetic prayer

I traveled almost as far on the second week of my Ignatian adventure as Ignatius himself did to get to Jerusalem from Rome.  It just didn't take as long!

Travel often upsets my ideas of what my prayer life should look like.  I fear I tend to want to approach God gracefully, well collected, silently sweeping into a quiet chapel in the middle of the night and kneeling before an exquisite altar, the light from the Presence lamp spilling onto my head.  As if.

Instead my reality looks more like it did a few weeks back, where I found myself in Charlotte's airport late at night, my swollen foot propped on my suitcase, praying with one ear cocked for the boarding announcement for my delayed flight, harried and rumpled from a long day that still has several hours to run.  Hi, God.  I'm here.  Mostly.

God to Michelle, "I'm here.  Always and everywhere."

You can read the (less snarky) reflection at DotMagis!

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  1. I like the less snarky, but I like this too! And, "God, I'm here. Mostly." That rings very true for me!