Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the Ignatian Adventure: In the heaving of the sea

In the silence of the stars,
In the quiet of the hills,
In the heaving of the sea,
                  Speak, Lord.

— David Adam, Speak, Lord

This is a view from the rocks near Eastern Point Retreat House (on a warm summer day just after dawn).  I spent a many hours looking out at the cold, heaving seas when I was there making the Spiritual Exercises.  David Adam's poem evoked so many memories of that retreat, of the sharply cold and clear night hours, the quiet calm of the house, the heaving of the seas — and the longing of my heart.

Listen to Margaret Rizza's gorgeously clear setting of Adam's poem here and read my reflection on praying with music amid the second week of an Ignatian Prayer Adventure at DotMagis.


  1. What a beautiful setting for a retreat house. Thank you also for the very meaningful reflection on praying with music. I also pray with Margaret Rizza's music.

  2. Thank you for this, Michelle. Posted the link to the prayer on my church website today; the music goes up tomorrow.

  3. Michelle ~ thanks. I too feel to share the poem.