Monday, May 27, 2013

Postcards from the silence: On retreat

I'm off on retreat tomorrow, back in a week and a day.  While waiting for the last load of laundry to finish up, I checked the weather.  Hot, in the 90's.  Which made me think of a conversation a couple of years back about coping with the heat on retreat, which led to rediscover this post from last year about what might be hatching in my life on retreat....

What does the Holy Spirit think I ought to be incubating this year in the heat and the silence?


  1. May it be a holy, joyful time of silence for you, Michelle. ¡Vaya con Dios!

    1. Gracias! It was holy time, with joy sprinkled in odd spots...

  2. What an excellent question for each of us to consider - what does the Holy Spirit think I ought to be incubating? While you are on retreat, I shall mull this over. Blessings and prayers.