Sunday, August 25, 2013

Writing as prayer

I'm reviewing Love and Salt by Amy Andrews and Jessica Mesman Griffith at RevGalBlogPals today. It's a collection of letters, written over five years they say, " preserve and make sense of our daily lives; we wrote to confess and console, to rant and grieve. But more than anything else, we wrote because it was the only way we know how to pray...In our letters, we wrote ourselves back to belief." [p. xi]

I certainly resonate with this notion of writing, not so much about prayer, but as prayer.  In 1958 (when I was about 5 months old) Thomas Merton wrote in his journal "To write is to think and to live — even to pray."

 Questions on the table for discussion:

  • What inspires you to put pen to paper and add a stamp? 
  • Have you ever carried on a sustained correspondence, either through email or on paper? or dreamed of doing it? 
  • Thomas Merton noted in a journal, "To write is to think and to live — even to pray." Do you find writing to be a way to pray?
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  1. For me writing seems to dig deeper than conversation. I journal and keep notes on books I'm reading and email and write letters and so on. Writing is prayer because there is only God and me and what I write is just between us - no one else will be reading it. Once I start writing, it just flows.