Sunday, September 01, 2013

How do you tell when the pears are ripe?

Yes, that is the one and only apple.
When the squirrels eat them.

We have a huge mature plum tree in the front, along with a small apple tree that just began to bear this year, two pear trees in the back that are in their third year of bearing.  Tonight I made apple-pear sauce from our harvest.

One apple.  One pear.

There are many fat squirrels in the neighborhood.


  1. Squirrels are not too bad although they can be annoying. When we lived further north on the Ottawa River not far from Algonquin Park, the bears would come into town and pick the fruit from the trees. We had to look carefully before taking the dog for a walk because one time there was a bear in the woods just beyond our backyard. During that time of the year we would often drive the children the short distance to school.

    1. Lynda, now I'll have to find the photo I have of the "bear aware" poster from my visit to Selkirk College in mid-summer! And at least the squirrels don't eat more than the fruit!