Friday, February 14, 2014

Juggling Snow Balls

Tuesday's rumors were Thursday's reality.
The piles of snow next to my driveway are almost as tall as I am, and the end of the driveway is just barely wider than my MINI at this point.  I'm exhausted, not from shoveling snow, but from juggling snow related changes in schedule.  I feel like I've been holding up a physical tree, not just psychologically managing a decision tree:  if school is delayed by 2 hours, then the PMEA concert be shifted to 6 pm, else it's on at 4 pm,  unless of course, school is cancelled, at which point the concert is off.  If the concert is on, the trip to DC to see Crash's play is off, but if the concert is off, then Proof is on again.  Unless of course it snows.

And that's just one branch....

Why is uncertainty so tiring?  I'm tired of juggling the balls the snow is throwing at my calendar!


  1. We like a well-planned existence and find it difficult to cope when uncertainty comes along. Yet how many people live with uncertainty every day of their lives! We really don't know what tomorrow will bring or even today for that matter but we like to be in control and uncertainty wrests that control from our hands. No wonder God constantly says "Lynda, rest in me." Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God" should be my mantra!

    1. Johannes Metz calls our comfort zone “the manageable present” — I term I enjoy and certainly resonate with.

      I love the translation of that psalm that says, "let go your grasp..." which is certainly advice I could use!!