Sunday, February 02, 2014

Menu options

Too cold to drink!
Appearances to the contrary, I'm not totally indifferent to the temperature of my soda.  Living in Mexico, outside of Oaxaca, one summer, I learned to drink soda warm (no refrigeration in the village, don't ask what this means about buying a chicken for dinner at the market).  So I'll cheerfully drink a warm Diet Coke if that's what there is.  But I have to admit that even in the winter, after a brisk walk, I really enjoy a chilled beverage.  Water.  Soda.  Iced tea.  We don't have a large enough fridge to keep a huge stock cold, so I will tuck one or two things in to chill.

All too often I come back to find the can/bottle/pitcher on the counter.  Empty.  "Did you drink the iced tea?" I'll ask The Boy.  "Did it have your name on it?" he'll inquire.  Which means:  yes, and as we all know, anything unlabeled in the refrigerator is fair game for consumption.  And yes, you absolutely can come home to find only the dregs of the (unlabeled) pasta sauce you have defrosted for dinner.

Last night, I had put a couple of sodas in to chill for dinner.  Math Man found one and was delighted, but wondered if it might be mine (no, I put in one for each of us).  I teased him that I only drink about 1 in 5 of the drinks I chill.  I never remember to put a label on them.  

"We should change the default setting. If you didn't put it in there, it's not yours."  

"Is there a pull down menu for that on the refrigerator?"

I broke the news to The Boy this morning.  He says it's not an improvement from his perspective.


  1. Of course, it isn't an improvement from the Boy's viewpoint. How could he be expected to plan ahead and put something into the refrigerator - he is in the generation of instant gratification. :) And besides, aren't mothers supposed to anticipate the needs of their children?

    1. He's the kid who will come home and start dinner, without being asked! And yes, I should definitely be ahead of his curve...