Tuesday, March 31, 2015

As the hamster wheel turns: Episode 104

I used to share my study at home with a hamster named Rufus.  Rufus, who could have written a sequel to The Borrowers about his adventuresome life (the rescue from the sump pump, the cat, the great race) and I were most active at night, once the little ones were in bed.  He on his wheel, and me on mine.

As I polish off another round of grading (200 some odd papers, quizzes, problems sets, homework logs in the last 24 hours), I realize that I'm feeling very much on the hamster wheel this year in terms of grading.  It's good, I've spread the work out so neither I nor the students are ever overwhelmed.  It's also not so good, I'm never done (the students probably feel similarly, but they are young and can stay up later). There is a sense of relief that comes with being finished with a project that I would like to have time to savor.  Instead, I feel like the guy in this video, plodding along, no end in sight.  (And yes, there are directions for building this desk here.)

Last night my mail was peppered with messages ranging from difficult to bordering on nasty.  I had two tough interpersonal interactions to deal with, both of which I'm still struggling to understand what response the other party wanted of me, what was the desired resolution.  It's Holy Week, 4 nights of rehearsals and a dozen liturgical events are scheduled before the Feast of the Resurrection dawns.  There are more ways to be battered than physically.

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  1. Praying for you and your challenges.