Sunday, December 20, 2015

Advent 4: O Key of David

Door to my office (winter noren).
At the start of the summer, I pulled most of my college keys off my ring.  I wasn't regularly going in to my office, and appreciated the reduced weight in my bag.  Earlier this month I needed to get a book from office on a weekend, but couldn't find my keys, without which I could not get into the building off hours.

I looked, to no avail.  They were not in the bowl of keys I keep in the kitchen, where I drop my keys when I come in.  Not on my desk upstairs.  Not in the bag I'd be carrying all summer and through the fall.  I finally gave up, and got the book on a weekday.

On Saturday, Math Man and I had a date.  I donned a dress bought on a whim in Florence, and pulled a purse to match from the closet rather than carrying my trusty canvas bag.  Inside that purse?  My keys.

I suppose this means my sabbatical is meant to be nearly over?

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