Monday, February 01, 2016

If you give a mouse a cookie

When it came to circular tales, my kids preferred the warped humor of Bill Grossman's My Little Sister Ate One Hare, to the still transgressive, but more sedate If you give a mouse a cookie... by Laura Numeroff, but I still read it aloud often enough to be able to recite much of it.

Last week, a student emailed me to tell me I had a typo on the problem set.  Clearly the equation to the right (Hardy's approximation to cosine) should read cos ( ) = 1 - (x2)/...

I thanked her and then thought I should just make the correction and send it out to the class, rather than try to describe it in an email.  How long could that take?

The file was created in Pages. The new Pages.  At home.  My computer at work didn't have the new version, so I went to update it.  To update it, I had to install the new version of the Mac OS.  The new Pages needed me to reinstall MathType.  Some where in all this I had to install Java.  I felt like I was trapped in an adult nightmare version of If you give a mouse a cookie...  And if you're stuck in such a loop, of course you should complain on Facebook, where I friend will suggest that you need a cookie.  And a cup of tea to go with it.

By the time it was all updated, I'd almost forgotten about the missing 1 in the problem set.  Maybe I should go fix it now?

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  1. I feel like I am sensing the dynamism of the Holy Spirit in this, but wow, not in the best way. If you give a mouse a cookie indeed!