Tuesday, November 01, 2016

In the thicket of this world: doing science as a person of faith

Let us go forth to see ourselves in Your beauty,
To the mountain and the hill,
Where the pure water flows:
Let us enter into the heart of the thicket.

St. John of the Cross
Spiritual Canticle

I'm off to Mt. St. Mary's in Maryland tomorrow, to give the 2016 Ducharme Lecture:  In the thicket of this world:  doing science as a person of faith.  The title is taken from a commentary on the Spiritual Canticle:  “God passes through the thicket of the world, and wherever His glance falls He turns all things to beauty.”

What does it mean to do science as a person of faith?  I'm going to argue that at least for me it means approaching science as I approach prayer. Contemplatively.  Open to mystery and beauty and awe.  Drenched in the details. Caught in the burning layers of grace and creation.  With humility and a dash of humor.

And I'm grateful that for this trip, there's no change in time zones!

There's a livestream at the link.

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  1. I would love to read more of your reflections on the connection of science and faith. I suppose that is the whole of your blog, given its title. Doris