Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dot Magis: Signs of an early morning Examen

The photo is from Ireland, taken in the parking lot by a small pier. There wasn't much of a divider between the water and the pavement, and I suspect more than one distracted motorist had gone over the edge there.  Signs matter.

One of the nearby bridges over the railway track is out, which has changed the local traffic patterns. My drive to Mass and morning prayer now involves fewer traffic lights, more stop signs and a need to be very alert for those who view stopping at stop signs as optional. I'm oddly grateful for it all, which led to this reflection for DotMagis.

"I imagine God at each intersection point asking, 'Do you see me?' I think of the last line of Mary Oliver’s poem, What I Have Learned So Far: 'The gospel of / light is the crossroads of—indolence, or action. / Be ignited, or be gone.'

...I pray for the grace to see the stop signs, that when I reach each crossroad, I might stop long enough to see the light of God on every corner. I pray that I might not be gone, zipping on to the next thing, but aflame. Ignited."

Read the whole thing at DotMagis.

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