Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Prayers for wearing a face mask

At PrayTell, Rita Ferrone has written a beautiful prayer for the blessing of face masks. 

As I sat in the back of church on Saturday, I wondered about prayers for the wearing of a face mask. They can be hot and uncomfortable, and I wear one not directly for my own well-being, but for the well-being of others. It's a cross we carry for others, should we not embrace the chance? 

Herewith, my prayer for the donning of a face mask.

Holy Spirit, whose very breath brought creation into existence,

Grant me the grace to wear this mask, with all its discomforts and inconveniences, in wisdom and charity. Help me to bear this cross which I carry for the most vulnerable among us. Hold us all close in your care and bring this pandemic to a swift end. 



  1. Although I am at a "vulnerable age", I am in good health. I wear a mask for reasons similar to yours. I sometimes feel that I stand out when I am the only person wearing a mask. I try to be patient with others. Thank you for the prayer. It will remind me of how blessed I am during this pandemic.


  2. This is a gracious, loving, and wise response. In a time when so many are getting angry and arguing this issue, may our response be one of concern and selflessness so that others remain safe and healthy.