Liturgy of the Hours

Resources for praying the Liturgy of the Hours has printable versions of the Hours for the Sundays and Fridays of Advent available for free. (A subscription is needed for the other days). Listen to a sample of The Anchoress praying Evening Prayer....or to a group praying Morning Prayer.

Join the Virtual Abbey as they pray the hours together.  (And read their series on the Hours, which begins here.)

If you want to experience the richness and variety that the Church provides for each day and season without getting lost in the ribbons and markers, a short version of the Hours can be easier to follow.

Read about the hours:

6 Reasons to pray the Hours (from The Catholic Spirit/Archdiocese of St. Paul)

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Antiphons for anti-noise praying the hours seasons our days like salt (St. Basil)