Friday, October 06, 2006

High Risk Blessings

Fluffy has joined the family. Barnacle Boy and his good friend joined me on a trip to the SPCA, determined to adopt a kitten. And kittens there were in abundance. But off to the side, in a bottom cage was an incredibly fuzzy cat. The friend was entranced, "She's purring at me!" The card on the cage read "Loves to be held and petted." Given that what Barnacle Boy reallly, really wanted was a pet he could hug and hold, this seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. So Fluffy, age 1, joined the family.

Her first outing was to our parish's blessing of the animals. Lots of dogs (and a plethora of present and former college presidents - three!), two cats and a pair of birds. And all in a highly excited state (well, not the college presidents). One pet drew blood from the presiding priest - the laying on of hands in this context is risky - but not Fluffy. She did consider the possibility that the two birds sitting next to us might be a good snack, but was restrained by her leash from following through. The birds seemed blissfully ignorant of their peril.

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