Sunday, October 22, 2006

There oughta be a law

Barnacle Boy needs a flu shot, as he does every year. He's still smarting (figuratively, of course) from having been ambushed at his brother's check-up two years ago when I asked his pediatrician about whether Crash Kid needed a flu shot. Crash breathed easy when the answer came back "No.", Alas, the process that led to this conclusion reminded the pediatrican that Barnacle Boy did need one! Barnacle, all set to gloat while his sibling got stuck, was hoist on his own petard.

The issue is asthma, so he can't have the FluMist version. Tonight he's worrying about the yet-to-be scheduled shot and decided that if he needs to get stuck, everyone should get stuck. "There ought to be a law that says if one person in a family can't have FluMist, no one can!" I think if he could, he'd ban it for everyone!

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