Friday, October 06, 2006

The Mouse that Roared

Fluffy definitely contributes to the upkeep of the household. This is the time of year when the mice look for warmer quarters, which can include our house. Last weekend I came down early to find that Fluffy had left us a little "gift" in the center of the sunroom carpet. I disposed of the body quietly.

Yesterday morning I woke before 6 am to Fluffy's piteous cries. Was she hurt? Sick? Not. My favorite mathematician had found her enjoying a lovely game with a furry friend in his study. She was not pleased when he removed her toy.

Today Crash Kid greets me at the door with "Guess what happened in home room today?" It seems that one of Fluffy's mice took refuge in Mike's backpack and when he pulled out his binder in homeroom today, seized the moment and escaped. There hasn't been this much excitement in homeroom yet this year. To finish his tale, Crash pulls out his language arts paper, covered in (presumably) mouse blood. Middle school boy to the core, he didn't feel this merited a new copy from his teacher. I, however, was suitably appalled!

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