Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Point Values

Barnacle Boy and his good friend, Bead Girl, found an on-line quiz that purports to tell you whether you'll go to heaven or not. They took it together, while I eavesdropped. The Boy turns out to be "Sitting with the Apostles", oddly reminiscent of this Sunday's Gospel (where James and John, prodded on by their mother, ask Christ to sit at His right hand in heaven). Giggling, they urged me to take the quiz. I'm, alas, in the "Maybe" zone. Points, I'm told, are assigned based on what the Bible says.

I fear my theology is too nuanced and I was far too honest! Barnacle Boy was quick to comfort me, pointing out that "All moms have to go to heaven, they work so hard." He just as quickly followed with, "And all the kids that have to listen to them, too!" I can guess what his idea of purgatory is!

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