Friday, October 27, 2006

Where my heart lies

Barnacle Boy enjoys cooking. Last year he saw Rachel Ray on Oprah (not at my house!) making fudge, came home, found the recipe on the web and the ingredients in the cupboard and produced quite wonderful fudge. It's become part of his regular rotation of cooking projects. Tonight it is deluging outside and his sib, the Crash Kid, has a coterie of friends over to play war games. The Boy decided it was a good night for fudge and perhaps an opportunity to experiment with the recipe (with the idea, I'm sure, that his sib and buddies would consume pretty much anything he produced). A luscious mint chunky fudge is now cooling in the 'fridge.

As he was stirring away, he asked for his "favorite pan": a 50-year-old heart-shaped aluminum cake pan. It was the first cake pan my mother ever purchased, to bake a cake for her first Valentine's Day after she married my dad - in 1958, when she was 7 months pregnant with me. When I left California to post-doc on the east coast, she gave me one of the two in the set. I felt as if she'd given me her heart to take with me then, and now that it is linked to the Boy's heart as well, makes it all the more precious.


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I really loved that pan growing up... Many great and many not so great cakes were cycled through it :)

  2. Ok - which one of my sibs wrote this?? Anyway, I'd give the pan away in a flash if it meant Mom was back to bake a cake. Even one caught just in time...