Saturday, April 28, 2007

Can you do the same thing to us as you did to the cat?

My brother (Geek Guru) and Math Man decided to reseal the roof over our sunroom this morning. Two hardware store trips and a hour later Crash Kid appears downstairs. "Mom, we've got a problem." "Mmmm?" "Fluffy got into the tar on the roof!" This is indeed a problem. Her paw is covered in black sticky stuff. I sent Crash for baby oil and baby shampoo and we took a deep breath and started in. Two applications of each potion later, I was bloodied, Fluffy was soggy, annoyed, but tar free. She stalked off to try her luck at getting onto the roof again!

Thirty minutes passes. Geek Guru and Math Man appear in the kitchen, tarred hands held high, pleading, "Can you do the same thing to us as you did to the cat?" Only if you don't use your claws, guys!

1 comment:

  1. Geek Guru6:45 PM

    One trip to the hardware store was for fixing the ceiling below ;-)

    Remember not to use the water until you add the baby shampoo!

    Don't ask what about Math Man's suggestions regarding the baby oil!