Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Sheep Genome: Transcription Complete

My sheep is finished, alas, Barnacle Boy (the intended recipient) finds it "too fuzzy", so I'm off to find a wool that he likes. The wool was lovely to knit with indeed, so I will follow up with a sweater of the same stuff (for me, not the boy!)


  1. I love fiber trends patterns!

    I did not know there was a monastery that sold yarn! Pretty cool!

  2. Me, too! Even the colors of the paper they use are cheery...

    The Mt. Savior yarn is lovely to knit with, enough lanolin in it to make your hands soft!

  3. I have to remember and remind myself that wool is something we use sparingly in the deep south, but a vest might be in order.

  4. They are not hard to knit (it's mostly knit stitch with carefully placed increases and decreases)...and they have patterns for llamas and bunnies, too!

    Br. Bruno just mailed me my yarn for my sweater, so I can knit over my August holiday...