Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Transcribing the Sheep Genome

I'm knitting a sheep from sheep's wool. Benedictine sheep wool to be precise. The pattern is both simple and complex. Simple in that it uses only one stitch - the knit, and few variations on it at that (a mid-row turn and an increase). Complex in that nearly every row is unique. Follow the pattern slavishly and you end up with what appears to be a sheep skin growing off your needles. It never fails to amaze me, or those watching me. I realized it is like DNA, you read off a linear code to produce a 3-D object. Even though I understand the principles behind both processes, the mystery of creation remains.

Information about the real sheep genome is here. My sheep code can be obtained here.


  1. Now that they've sequenced James Watson's genome, can you knit him, too? He'd make a great companion to your sheep.

  2. Now that's an awesome thought!