Saturday, September 01, 2007

Practice makes perfect

"Mom, Game Guy and I are going to have a practice middle school day tomorrow," Barnacle Boy announced as he sailed through the door last night. "A practice middle school day? What's that?" "We'll get up at 6:00, shower, eat breakfast and meet in my driveway at 6:45 for parents to take pictures - well not really take pictures today, but..." Today, I will note is Saturday, when legions of teens and pre-teens blissfully sleep through all the hours designated am. "Did Game Guys' parents OK this?" "Yep!"

At 5:36 am I awoke to the sound of the Boy's feet hitting the floor. At 6:20 am he appeared, shiny and clean at my bedside. By 7:30 am when I appeared downstairs, showered and dressed, he and Game Guy were playing The Hard to Acquire Game System That Shall Not Be Named and reported that they were 10 minutes early to the bus stop. We'll see how this all goes on Tuesday!


  1. wow, I am wondering if it really happened and it didn't even happen to me. are you awake?

  2. Awake enough to sing 3 part harmony in a 3 person schola last night! The Boy likes his ducks in a row, so his practice run didn't surprise me. I was a bit surprised that he could convince his buddy to go along with the plan!