Thursday, October 04, 2007

All creatures great and small

It's the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (for at least another two minutes anyway, or longer if you count the end of the day as when I say Compline). Last year, Fluffy celebrated by heading off for her first ever blessing - this year she is channeling her inner predator. As I was writing in the sunroom a few minutes ago I heard a thump and a squeak from the basement. Fluffy proudly strode into the room, two ears and a tail sticking out of her mouth. Yep - it's still alive. Nope - she does not want to take it outside. Don't I want to watch her? Most emphatically - no! The mouse thinks I have it in for him as well, and has resisted various attempts at rescue. I have retreated to my bedroom, where I have barricaded the door, lest she decide I really must enjoy the show. I feel badly for the mouse on this day of all days- have I let St. Francis down?

The boys have taken to calling Fluffy the "VLF' (vicious little furball). While warm and cuddly with her human staff, do not get between her and her amuse bouches.

Last week, walking out to get the morning paper with the Boy, he notices something out of the usual and inquires, "Why is that mouse sleeping on the driveway, Mom?" "Um, it's not sleeping..." "Oh, the VLF again!" Crash ("sarcasm, just another service we offer!") chimes in with, "at least this one has all its limbs". This is when I realize that the Fluffster has left us another gift. This one is just so much fluff on the door mat - and I have just walked through it. No shoes. Life lesson - wear shoes to get the paper.

I will wear shoes in the morning - that is for sure.


  1. Oh, the timing is immaculate, that's for sure! re walking on hideous gifts...on my wedding morning I woke early (the sound of rain drumming on the windows might have had something to do with it) and put my feet into my slippers, lined up by the bed.
    You don't want to know what I found...but Grimble, my cat, clearly felt that only something extra special was good enough for the day.
    I've shaken my footwear ever since before putting unsuspecting toes inside...

  2. Makes me glad we have a dog--although he's tried a few times to bring "gifts" home, he's not fast enough to catch them!

  3. I love the Blessing of the Animals, but perhaps you should take a pass this year so that Fluffy doesn't move up the food chain to squirrels! Oh, and keep your bird-feeders far from the kitty territory or tonight's offering may be a lovely songbird.

  4. we get gifts from our neighbor cats, and then curse them anytime a mouse makes it into our house. inside the house footwear is needed because of glass bits... I solder stained glass, while my wife mosaics it.

  5. Kathryn,

    What a wedding day scene! I may start shaking my shoes out, too...

  6. I thought of you this morning when I stepped out the front door and discovered an ofrera... Sue was unimpressed by the notion that Shadow loves her and wants her to eat well. ;-)