Friday, April 18, 2008

Quarter Stitches

The intensity of this semester is finally fading , and my body has decided to respond by getting the cold that has been bouncing around my family and department. No complaints, if I'm going to feel under the weather, I'd rather be at home rather than on the road and not have any pressing deadlines (other than the eternal stack of papers to grade). And this will pass quickly - I have a friend who has been suffering from the shingles for 5 weeks now. That is misery...

Tonight I'm sitting on the sofa, enjoying the cool breeze drifting through the sun room windows and reading. If I had more energy I go upstairs and get the yarn I bought in New Orleans at the Quarter Stitch (in the French quarter -- where else?). A fellow knitting chemist pointed me that way, noting that I wouldn't want to open the bag. She's right! Colorful ribbons, lovely tissue paper and confetti inside....


  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Oh, I had to buy wool at Quarter Stitch too. Songbird went shopping before the Big Event, and I wished that I had somethign to knit all the time we were on the when I had a day in NO afterwards how could I resist.
    Extraordinary to read about you visiting Cafe du Monde and think that just the week before Id been there too...I'm just not used to recognising anywhere that my US friends write about ;-)