Monday, May 05, 2008

Round up?

For the last 18 months, I've been tracking my walking miles on my iPod (and racing my sister-in-law via Nike's web site, right now she's in the lead on our 20 mile challenge!). About a third of the time I forget it, it's not charged or...

Math Man complains that when I have it, he feels like he's "on the clock". Maybe it's because I can measure our pace and point out that I'm slower by 2 minutes a mile when I walk with him?

As of last night's walk I had logged 499.94 miles. I was tempted to walk to the corner and back to get that last 0.06 miles, but resisted walking just to do that. An exercise in patience, I thought. Tonight I headed out the door, only to remember that I'd let Math Man take my Mini - with the iPod still plugged in. I still walked, but the official total remains short!!

Why doesn't the Nike site round up?!


  1. I keep up with my miles on Walking around the world website. And

    I also use my pedometer and - (a subscription)

    Anyway, congratulations on the ALMOST 500 miles!

  2. I once used a pedometer, but when spring time hit I was scared by how many steps I was taking, so I stopped using one.

    I am sure you have soared over 500, is it like a victory lap at Indy?