Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Science Writing in Santa Fe

I learned how (in principle) at least, to tackle being a journalist at a press conference. We did two today at the School of Advanced Research (an anthropololgy/archeology think tank): one in the morning, dissected over lunch, a second after lunch to practice what we'd learned.

My writing assignment for tomorrow is done. Whew!

The photo is the garden at the SAR.

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  1. Hi Michelle! So glad you are enjoying the professional and recreational aspects of your trip.

    I am too, praise Godde! Life coaching, especially the model offered through this training program is fun, exciting and deeply spiritual--something I was born for! Look for blogging on it soon.

    You might want to visit Loretto Chapel if you haven't already, They have a miraculous spiral staircase a la "Lilies of the Field," and now serve as a worship space of the Church of Antioch (one of the more metaphysically oriented Independent Catholic groups).

    Oh, and I will email sometime after I get home Monday but I did release the Philly conference. Worth it to embrace this week's lovely opportunity but I am bummed we won't get to have that cup of tea in person quite yet. I'd be jazzed if you got out to California--or Arizona, so we could meetup with Mompriest too.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels home.