Monday, May 12, 2008

Time shifting

It's the start of ordinary time and I've moved out of one volume of my breviary into another. Various pieces of my life are tucked between the covers: prayers cards of all sorts (my mother's funeral, a friend's daughter, one from a retreat director a few years back, St. Michael); photos (my kids); a bookmark (a pre-Raphaelite angel); notes (twelve points on humility from St. Benedict, a scripture verse from my spiritual director); and other ephemera of my life (a shopping list - butter, eggs and flour, a cartoon - Baby Blues, a prayer - for patient trust, a strand from the prayer shawl knit for a dying friend)

Tonight I'm staying in the old novitiate at Wernersville. It's a good moment to take stock of what should stay, what should go, what I need to be reminded of. Not just in what's held in prayer (or held in my prayer book, at least), but in my life.


  1. sounds like when I put on my winter coat for the first time and discover where I was before the previous spring hit. Hope the time went well with the Jesuits.

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  3. definitely same dynamic as the coats!

    The time at Wernersville was healing,thanks, though poor Lucien still has the shingles. And I got another column written...