Monday, May 26, 2008

Transit Mysteries

I'm back from Santa Fe after an intense, but intensely fun, week. I had a 3 hour layover in Denver's airport where I managed to walk my daily 2 miles (2 circuits of the concourse), and find a lovely balcony space in which to set up camp. I followed a sign to "Additional Seating" to find an empty space with handy plugs and no CNN background noise.

What I couldn't find was caffeine. In my final circuit of the concourse I looked for a Diet Pepsi or some iced tea. There were many kiosks and small food stands sprinkled around. Every kiosk cooler I checked had Dasani water - and nothing else. Every food stand had Snapple - but if you wanted iced tea, it would have to be peach. Blech...I like peach, but not in my tea and not artificial peach. By the seventh stop I was beginning to suspect a conspiracy!

I eventually found a Diet Coke - and settled down to work on a paper.


  1. truly a conspiracy, welcome back to the humidity, however tomorrow will be beautiful one of the best days of the year weather-wise.

  2. In Santa Fe!? What are they, going Mormon?