Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wading in

I'm off to retreat tomorrow, spending eight days in silence a stone's throw from the Atlantic ocean. Last year I blew into my retreat like a squall. I was working up until the moment it began (and truth be told, a bit after it started). I went to my first meeting with my director for the week, laptop in hand - then wondered why he brought up the issue of how one might enter into a retreat?!

Rather than hurtle in, going from full throttle -- the heat still shimmering off my jets -- to stillness; this year, I'm trying to ease into this retreat. Imagining myself walking into the sea, slowly getting deeper, slowly letting myself be supported. Packing contemplatively, driving up part way the day before, having dinner with a friend...

I have set my soul in stillness; like a weaned child in its mother's arm, so, too is my soul.
Ps 131:2


  1. Have a blessed time. I'm gently envious x

  2. Me too.

    So I guess you don't take the laptop on the retreat?