Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Boy gets Moxie

Travel is often culinarily broadening, and this summer's travels have been no exception. I not only brought home a taste for our new favorite soda from retreat, but a case of it as well. Barnacle Boy adores it, too. When he met a family at camp who came from Cape Ann (Eastern Point is at the tip of Cape Ann) he waxed eloquent over his new found delight. They were surprised to find that it was a regional specialty, and not shipped much beyond New England - a rarity in modern, homogeneous, translation invariant America.

They told Barnacle Boy about Moxie, a soda unique to Maine. He was warned that it was an aquired taste (some peopel suggested it wasn't worth aquiring a taste for!). The Boy was determined that we snag some Moxie while we were in Maine (and pick up a few cases of his other regional favorite). On our way home yesterday, we stopped at a small cafe and the Boy headed to the soda case. "They have Moxie! Can I try it?" How not?

It tasted like unsweetened cough syrup - bracing might be the best word for it.
Whew! We all ceremonially had a try, then dumped the rest of the 20 oz bottle.

The company used to advertise that it gave you "spunk", which I think that the Boy had to have to try it -- either that or moxie!


  1. If you ever travel through northern Ohio and Michigan, you will find my favorite regional soda, Vernors Ginger Soda. Barrel-aged, spicy, bubbles that tickle the back of your throat -- it's fabulous. Perhaps not as much of an acquired taste as Moxie, but definitely a surprise for people accustomed to regular ginger ale. YUM!

  2. my childhood local soda was A-Treat. as for America's "translation invariant"... driving up 202 from Wilmington to West Chester we searched for a unique dining experience, there was the hot dog place but that was not appealing to all and we ended up eating Thai food in King of Prussia... a suburb branch of a Philly place.

  3. If you cross the river into Riverside, NJ, give "Boost" a try--that is a true local phenomenon that is practically limited to the 08075 zip code.
    Natives say it's an acquired taste. My kids grew up on it, but I only like it in Slushies. It's kind of like a non-carbonated cola.