Monday, July 28, 2008

Translation Invariant

[Warning: This post contains geeky content.]

We drove from Pennsylvania to Maine for camp last week (that would be one week of living in a tent with no electricity, no WiFi, no lights; sleeping on cots; rising to reveille; riding a yellow school bus to hikes - the whole nine yards). On the way out of town we stopped at Big Box Shopping Mall to get Math Man a new travel bag for his golf clubs.

We drove to near Worcester, MA (home of our new favorite soda, a taste for which I brought home from retreat). Just north of there, I looked out the window to see a near perfect duplicate of Big Box Mall. I pointed it out to Math Man, who noted dryly, "America is translation invariant."


  1. Oh my word. What an awesome joke. Sharing with all my geeky brethren.

  2. Okay, so I had to get Ms. Math to explain this to me. But the thing is: it's so true!