Saturday, July 05, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam

What floated through and what tossed up on the rocks while on retreat...

A church made of living stones - praying on the rocks, watching a bird that kept alighting on the rocks, finally realizing that the rocks were alive with insects, and the bird was feasting on the stones.

The dog that followed me on one of my walks, well-trained and at heel. It quietly left me when I headed down the road to the retreat house.

The Indiana Jones path to my prayer space: through the wild rose arbor, down the tunnel of trees, past the rushes, to the green encrusted rock, turn right at the Queen Anne's lace, step over the clover in bloom to walk down the basalt stairway - there to find the throne of God? or at least a bird's eye (literally) view of His waters. I could hear his voice on the immensity of waters as I sat there.

Praying with a quote from Jeremiah: a frantic she-camel bolts for the desert

The night someone threw incense on the fire in the common room.


  1. No tormenting, huh?


  2. A great title for a post! Ironically, it is the title of a chapter in Stanley Jaki's Questions on Science and Religion. On a retreat or at the beach, for me, it is easier to "see" with the eyes of faith the beauty of God's creation, even in a bird devouring its prey. On the other hand, some scientists state that humans are nothing but cosmic flotsam and jetsam. Two quite different views about reality!

  3. Praying with a quote from Jeremiah: a frantic she-camel bolts for the desert....

    Oh do tell more... curious minds can explode.

  4. Sounds lovely and peaceful.

  5. Sounds beautiful.