Saturday, August 23, 2008


As we were driving to the beach today, Math Man asks Crash if he's watched any of the "Jaws" films showing on one of the local channels this week. This quickly devolves into a conversation about whether just the iconic fin and occasional snout is scarier than seeing the whole thing. "When the teeth bend," hazards Crash, "you can tell they're rubber, so it's not sooo scary!" I wonder aloud if this is really the conversation we want to be having right before we get into the ocean. Both guys look at me like I'm from Mars and go right back to wondering about simulating shark attacks.


  1. a blessing in return...

    May no sharks, simulated or real, pop up in your ocean swims.

  2. And you can't even blame it completely on the testosterone: this is the kind of conversational set we have in our family all the time. (I'm afraid I gross Ms. Math out frequently, when I'm not even trying.)

    It's good you can laugh. :)