Tuesday, August 05, 2008

There will be no visits to the emergency room

My mother prefaced many a family gathering or trip with the flat statement (drawn from her vast experience): "There will be no visits to the emergency room." Maybe it was the time that my middle brother, the Artiste, hit the oldest of my brothers, Geek Guru, with a croquet mallet (Geek Guru was not a 'good winner' which irritated his much younger sib) necessitating a stop for stitches on our way out to a family dinner that drove her to it. Or the Thanksgiving feast that ended with my sister, the Pretty One, in the ER with a broken arm...

No one said it before the family rafting trip last weekend (down the Middle Fork of the American River in California), but no one got hurt - though everyone got wet. Someone should have said it before dinner. Before dinner was over there would be 2 broken bones, and a laceration on the books.

Baby Barnacle Boy (the Reverend Brother's youngest) melted down and threw his head back. Alas, he hit his mother in the nose and broke it. Newspaper Niece tried to take the pit out of an avocado, missed and used the knife on her thumb instead. Oops. And I took my kids swimming across the rapidly running river and slipped on the rocks, fracturing my toe.

To complete the set, Barnacle Boy fell on his way to pan gold and tore up his knee - but that was a whole new day...


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  2. there is power in spoken words, however, in this case fate may have been stronger and the injuries may have happened anyway. :')

    hope all heal quickly and... may there be no more visits to the emergency room,